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It's time for your best you now! Let Angie Gray help you discover and tap into the greatness that lies within. Transform into the next level of your life and destiny.

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About Angie

Angie worked tirelessly as an educator and counselor for over twenty years before realizing that she was misplaced in the workplace. Sure, she was college-educated and had numerous certifications, accolades, honors, and awards, but it didn't really matter because she found herself being unhappy and feeling stuck.  Like many, Angie's life's journey led her to a crossroads in life. As a wife and mother of four, she was struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Angie was sick and tired of being sick and tired so she decided to be committed to the process of finding the work-life balance she sought.

Angie began to focus on living intentionally in every area of her life: mind, body, spirit, and soul. She recognized that she was out of alignment and badly in need of healing, emotionally, mentally, physically, and most of all, Spiritually. Angie understood that this much-needed restructuring of her balance would be a process and that it would be best to take one step at a time.


As she began to concentrate on her goal and focus on becoming the best version of her self, Angie realized that it was much easier to do a little each day as opposed to trying to make drastic, quick changes. Her first order of business was to establish an effective routine. In doing so, she quickly realized that her routine was key to achieving her current as well as future goals. Angie focused on her routine and discovered that small change adds up. She is dedicated to showing others how to establish routines that will align them with their goals, dreams, and divine purpose.

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Life Management ~ Career/Work, Family/Home, Community/Church, Self-Care Harmony/Wellness​ ~ Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul ~ Holistically and Unapologetically!


Real Talk, Real Issues, Real Life, Real Success, Real Strategies for Real Women!!! Angie seeks to meet all of your motivational needs. If you desire to have a workshop or seminar that has practical application and undeniable impact, Angie Gray is whom you need. Angie is an awesome speaker and presenter. Her presentations have encouraged and empowered women all over the nation. Once you hear her, you will be ready to cut through the minutia and pursue your passion and purpose! Choose this dynamic keynote speaker for your next conference or workshop event and you will not be disappointed.


Ministry ~ Preaching Engagements, Revivals, Bible Study Curricula Development, Workshop and Conference Organization / Facilitation, Women's Ministry Consultation, and Intentional Wholeness Plan Development and Implementation Guidance and Consultation.


As an ordained minister, Rev. Angie Gray is an excellent preacher with a down-to-earth and practical approach to meet your preaching and ministry needs. Rev. Angie is a great choice for Women's Day and Deaconess Celebratory Worship Services. Need someone to get your Women's Ministry setup or to conduct your Bible Study Groups, choose Rev. Angie.  She can help your ministry leaders overcome the challenges of doing church ministry. Choose this dynamic preacher and organizer to coordinate your next conference or workshop event and you will not be disappointed.



T. Barnes, NJ

I thank God for Angie, my sister in Christ.  She has supported me in my spiritual, personal and professional growth.  I appreciate her motivating, encouraging words on a daily basis.

Stacy, NJ

Angie has always been there for me spiritually and emotionally.  She truly helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life by reminding me that God is always in control and "all is well."

Shamonique, PA

I have been a member of Goodwill Tabernacle Baptist Church for about two years and I love my First Lady. She has a motherly spirit and is caring to all. My First Lady is someone I can talk to and learn from. Working with her in various ministry endeavors has helped me to grow not only spiritually but professionally.

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