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This Matters To Me...

In an age of quarantines, social unrest, and social media, I feel it important to highlight some of the things that matter to me. Like so many others, I've had the opportunity to sit, be still, and meditate over the past few months. I believe it has given me some clarity about what truly matters to me. When people choose to consume the products and services of others they should have the opportunity to know what matters to that contributor. With that in mind, the following is a list of things that matter to me so that you can make informed choices with regard to your interactions with me.

  • My Top Ten Core and Foundational Beliefs:

    • Spiritual connection, faith, and a strong, consistent relationship with God are crucial to my well-being

    • Acceptance, diversity, and equity are necessary components of the human experience and everyone is entitled to their own free will, choice, and opinion regarding their own life; notwithstanding the consequences

    • Self-care, self-love, and self-preservation are essential. Personal growth & development are fluid and on-going

    • Family relationships are important and should be nurtured

    • Being intentional about my purpose and my role on earth is how I choose to live

    • Integrity, honesty, and authenticity should be the rule and not the exception

    • Being happy, healthy, whole & free are my God-given right and I choose to create that lifestyle for myself

    • Continuous reflection, assessment, and adjustment are necessary for all facets of life

    • Living a meaningful life of purpose, intention, and service is paramount

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