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Onyx Expressions
Is A Full-Service
Self-Publishing Company

Your Story Needs To Be Heard -

Let Onyx Expressions Help You Tell It

Solo Book Projects

You have a story within you that needs to be shared... We can get it out into the Universe! Let's talk... We can make this happen for you. We have a proven track record!  Your story is yours and no one can tell it like you can! Allow your voice to be heard!!


Anthology Book Projects

Not quite ready to do a solo project, but still have something you need to share with the Universe... create or join an anthology project where multiple like-minded authors collaborate to share their perspectives! We have a proven track record!  There's power in numbers!!



Have a story to tell, but no time to make it happen?  Writing is not your strength? Allow Angie, a nationally recognized and celebrated writer since 1986, write your book for you. She writes your book in your voice and style. You maintain all rights as if you wrote it yourself! We can make this happen for you!!

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