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About Angie

About Angie


Angie Gray - DRS, MEd, MA

Co-Founder of Empowerment Matters, LLC

Founder & CEO of Pearls4Life, LLC

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach & Consultant

DRS in Life Coaching & Mentoring

MEd in Educational Administration & Leadership

MA in Counseling Services

BA in Communications / Psychology

With over twenty years of experience, relevant education, numerous certifications, honors, and awards, Angie is equipped to assist many in the pursuit of fulfilling their purpose, passion, and destiny. She is a wife, mother, and ordained minister.

As an award-winning writer and speaker, Angie is committed to empowering others to share their story with the Universe both through writing and speaking. She believes that everyone has a story to share that can be a blessing to someone. Her gift lies in being able to help them get their story out into the Universe in a practical and engaging fashion.

Her philosophy acknowledges that inside every human there is greatness, and she works diligently to assist them in accessing their inward abilities, tools, and potential while realizing their purpose, path, and destiny.  Using a holistic approach of mind, body, soul, and spirit, Angie has witnessed firsthand, transformations, and exponential growth for her clients. She assists her clients in identifying and releasing distractions that often keep them feeling unfulfilled and insignificant. 

Angie remains focused on individual needs and desires while following the process for growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment. She works tirelessly to help her clients to lose the negative forces in their lives in order to gain the purposeful, fulfilling, and thriving life they deserve. 


Home/family, work/career, church/community, and self-care can work harmoniously together to create the life of purpose and abundance we were all intended to enjoy!

Dr. Angie and her husband are co-founders of Empowerment Matters, which specializes in empowering people of all ages to uncover and use their divine purpose, gifts, and talents to become the best version of themselves so they can leave a lasting legacy for the Universe. Pearls4Life is a faith-based organization designed to foster spiritual growth, intentional living, purpose-directed entrepreneurship and Kingdom contribution.

Dr. Angie declares - Live a life of purpose, on purpose - if you are willing to do the work - it will definitely work!!





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