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Wife, mother, daughter, First Lady, School Counselor, Life Coach extraordinaire; it all became too much and life came crashing down around her. Too many hats, not enough time, too little energy; it all overtook the “queen of composed,” Angie Gray. Her Wonder Woman cape lay on the bed; dingy, tattered, worn and out of commission for a season. She ordered some new gear, waited for her new and improved amour to arrive, and pulled the covers up over her head where she remained for weeks. While Angie Gray was not happy with her set of circumstances, she had a faith that would not quit. It is that unbreakable faith that led her on the path that unfolds in this book. She transformed from broken and beatdown to better than ever. Angie is living proof that it is possible to thrive in spite of fear, uncertain terrain and obstacles. She discovered her spiritual fortitude and dug deep into her internal toolbox. She found all the necessary tools to rebuild harmonious balance in mind, body, soul, and spirit after being hopelessly fragmented and shattered by life’s disappointments. She used her stumbling blocks as stepping stones and her setback as a setup for a comeback of which both God and she could be proud. The spiritual stamina she developed, over time, helped her to transform her life and now serves as an opportunity for her to teach others to live their best life. As she recuperated and recovered from the physical and mental health ailments that were suffocating and paralyzing her, Angie developed a regimen of restoration; Faith, Obey, Love, Gratitude, Evolve, Resilience, and Service. In this book, she asserts that spiritual growth begins with these seven guiding principles. Using these beliefs as her foundation, she moved from victim to victor and trauma to triumph. Angie Gray avows that you, too, can grow and stretch spiritually by practicing these doctrines.

One Good Sip at a Time (Digital)

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